• Malick Diallo

    Malick Diallo

  • Simon Schultz

    Simon Schultz

    Former Prehype Partner. Maker of digital products for 20 years. Co-founder of Stuff.li. simonschultz.dk

  • Anders Schäffner

    Anders Schäffner

    I once had a media startup. Now I just write about media and startups. Currently Product Manager at Veo Technologies

  • Anders Sehested

    Anders Sehested

  • Mikkel Toft-Olsen

    Mikkel Toft-Olsen

    Talking about early-stage startups, investments and what ever pops into my mind. I am Program Manager for Accelerace - the biggest Accelerator in Scandianavia.

  • Lasse Korsholm Poulsen

    Lasse Korsholm Poulsen

    Experimentation nerd — former founder of tech startup (failed) — now consultant at Implement Consulting Group https://goo.gl/cNQ851

  • Slawomir Chodnicki

    Slawomir Chodnicki

    Data Technologist at Twineworks GmbH. I make https://tweakstreet.io

  • Simon Holmen Reventlow Clemmensen

    Simon Holmen Reventlow Clemmensen

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